Custom Orders
A beautiful rug can be designed especially for your floor at home or cottage. My technique and materials are suitable for area rugs, wall to wall carpeting, stair runners and art for the wall in residential and commercial settings where a beautiful, colorful, graphic statement is needed. Seamless widths up to 12', any length.

Designs range from the very subtle, striated rug to the more geometrically patterned rugs. It all depends on the effect you need and the amount of money you wish to spend. Please view the Portfolio page for ideas.

Consider how bold or quiet you want the rug to be and how this relates to your surroundings. Matching colors is my forte - with wallpaper, paint, fabric samples in hand for reference, I create a color palette to complement your decor.

Prices on custom orders are within the same range as shown on the Portfolio page - $34 - $90 per square foot is the usual. Special design considerations may be subject to a higher price.

Please write or click here for a more detailed informational brochure about custom orders.